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FORTUNA rocks your treasure hunt

Named after the Roman goddess of fortune and fate, FORTUNA products stand for ambition and know-how and are designed and developed in Germany.

FORTUNA Logo Elements

FORTUNA is a brand with unique character: powerful, down-to-earth, dynamic. Our brand is represented by an explicit choice of colors: navy blue like water, yellow gold and stone gray.

Water – the source of life – takes the path of least resistance, regardless of how many stones lie in your path. Let your motivation, the goal of your treasure hunt – finding gold – lead you to success.

Developed in Germany.

Quality at a competitive price.

We love treasure hunt.

Grab that feeling as you recover each treasure with FORTUNA Pinpointer in your hands – and in your mind:

FORTUNA rocks!

Our brand is open-minded with a clear direction: FORTUNA is your compass. FORTUNA gives you optimism, determination and confidence. With FORTUNA you find your balance and you spend time in nature to regenerate. With FORTUNA you follow a powerful path that guides you to your goal.

Fortuna Pinpointer XELA


Waterproof to 5 m [16.4 ft]


LED, Auto-off, Low Battery Alarm


Audio, Vibration, Audio/Vibration

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Waterproof Design and Precise Target Location

The FORTUNA Pinpointer XELA simplifies the detection of coins, keys, wedding rings or even historical artefacts during treasure hunts and protects these objects from scratches and damage caused by excavation tools.

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